Monday, July 28, 2008

What a weekend....

I got a call Friday afternoon for a job interview. So I spent Saturday morning with all of that. She said she had a few others left to interview and she would make her decision by the middle of this week. I am however still applying to jobs as back up. I got the kids paperwork all filled out and turned in last week for school. Now was the hard part....SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! This is the 1st year I had to get them for both boys. Talk about crazy. We got just about everything on the list except a TI-30 Calculator and Dry Erase Markers. I don't understand why the school doesn't supply the Dry Erase Markers? They are $5 a package of 4. I think when all said and done we ended up shelling out $100. But a BIG thanks to Grandma for getting them all this stuff. They had a blast picking out backpacks. Andrew picked a Superman one and Anthony found on that is just Black with Blue. I was making sure it was well padded and the straps would be comfortable for him. Since he will have to lug ALOT more around with him this year.

I am going to take him over to the school this week and help him find his locker and make sure it will open for him. My biggest concern is that they have split lockers with top and bottom doors and he will be stuck with a top locker....He is a little on the short side. I was talking to his friends mother yesterday and they only have lunch and study hall together:-( We are hoping to hear from a few other friends and see what there schedules are like. I don't think it has sunk in with Andrew that school will be starting soon. This week it getting them adjusted to there wake up times. Anthony has to be at the bus stop at 7:19 am and he is NOT happy about it. But that's like of a JR.High kid.

Friday, July 25, 2008


We are lucky enough to live with in a 2 block walking distance to A Minor League Baseball Park, The Colorado Springs Sky Sox. If the have home games on Friday and Saturday nights... They shoot off fireworks!!! Weather permitting of course. I was was just working on the computer and all of a sudden there was a huge BOOM noise. I just about fell out of my chair. Then It dawned on me that they were playing at home tonight. I openened the garage door and took some video of the fireworks. It's nice to get to see all the fireworks during the Summer and Fall games. Free entertainment. Enjoy the videos....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

There is a new superhero in town...

Yes, It is true. I had my nephew over yesterday so my brother and AJ could go see The new Batman movie. We played upstairs, had a snack, and went out side to play with the neighbor's kids. Caleb had a blast. So I ran in the house to get my camera and took some VERY cute pictures. I drive my family crazy with my camera. I am always taking pictures. I even bring it to dinner with us. Just never know when a Kodak moment will happen. I know I got that from my Dad's side. My Aunt Joan is a great photographer. I just wish I lived closer and learn all of her secrets. One day!!! So here are the world cutest pictures!!!

Oh, and Caleb informed me he has a girlfriend... Our neighbor Hailynn...He will have to fight AJ over her...

See.....A Kodak Moment!!!!

Job Hunting.....UGH!!!

I really found out this past few weeks that the job market is really bad. I can tell cause there was just a few jobs that I could apply for. I few ask that you have an Associates or Bachelors Degree. UGH!!! I don't have either. I was glad I went back to get my GED in 1998. Still all I want is a simple Office Job....answering phones, faxing, filing, the normal stuff. I have lots of experience in that field. I was a Assistant Front End Manager for a Computer Store plus the years we had our in home Computer Shop.

I did go and get my hair cut SHORT Tuesday and even got my eyebrows waxed...OUCH!!! But it was worth it...they were bad. My mom and I went out shopping Sunday for a few outfits for interviews and was lucky to find a few good deals. I did notice I have lost weight (mostly the past 8 months) and I am down 4 dress sizes!!! Yeah! But I am still big. I know Marshall's doctors told him he lost about 40 lbs around the same time. We are happy about it, but I need to get a job to buy some smaller clothes now :-) I went out today and filled out 4 applications around town. I have applied to roughly 20 jobs on line. Most want some sort of Degree, but I am hoping they will go by my work history and knowledge. I will keep everyone posted on the job situation. Please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part 2....

Shortly after moving back to Colorado, I found out I was expecting. I was working full time at King Soopers in Parker and Marshall worked the Graveyard shifts with the Air Force. I hadn't felt good for a while and was late, after I got off work at midnight I bought a home test and sure enough it came out positive. I called Marshall on my way home from work and told him about the test I bought and he said for me to call him back as soon as the test was done. I called him and all I could say was....YES!!! He said did you take it yet...Yes! Is it done...YES! And.... YES!! He didn't believe it, so I had to drive over to the area he was guarding and show him. He still DIDN'T believe me. So he told his Supervisor that I was very sick and he needed to take me to the hospital. After 4 hours in the ER, they also confirmed it was true. It was a major shock cause I was told a little over a year before I was not able to have children, due to an incident years before. We discussed adopting when we were ready to. So here we were Parents. I called my mom and told her that I was sick and she already knew I had to be pregnant. We worked together at King Soopers, just different Departments. She was the one who told me to get the test. I called and told my dad, he was excited. Then it was the phone call to the in laws. Marshall got both of his parent's on the phone and told then I was really sick and I have to take it easy for about 9 months. Marshall's mom knew what we were saying and started to cry, but Dad....."Does she have cancer"???? OMG!!!

April 10, 1997 we welcomed Anthony James (AJ) to the family and when he was about 2 months old we lost my Stepfather during heart surgery. AJ took his 1st cross county trip to Kentucky to lay Hank to rest. Man, I can't believe it's been 11 years already. About a year later Marshall went thru a medical board with the military and was boarded out. December of 96 he fell and broke his neck, had surgery and placed a plate on his neck to help support it. After he got out of the Air Force we moved to Maryland and spent 9 years there. Summer of 2002, right before my brothers wedding I found out I was pregnant AGAIN!!! This time he believed me. On March 11, 2003, came Andrew Thomas into our family. We spent a few more years in Maryland and last June we decided to fineally move back to Colorado. After much talking and fighting with the in-laws, we packed up the truck and was on our way.

Happy 13th Anniversary Marshall!!!

I am kinda excited to start this blog thing going. I haven't really had a chance to type up anything since I signed up till now. I hope you like it.

Where should I start? I have been married now for almost 13 years to a wonderful and loving man. Our anniversary is on the 22nd. We met when we worked at Taco Bell together. He used to drive me crazy and just annoy me by flipping my hat off of my head. I got him to answer the wonderful question, "Why did you flip my hat off my head all the time??" Cause I could check out your butt everytime you bent over to pick it up. UGH!!! Men!!! We dated for about 7 months and was going to move in together, but mom told him no. Then he asked her if he could married me.....NO. You have to have a stable full time job before we will even discuss it. A month later I got that wonderful call from him stating he talked to his parents and he has to move back to Maryland for about a year. Then he would be going to the college his Dad wanted him to go to for years, University of Northern Arizona. I was not home the night he left, I just won't be able to deal loseing him. I was already a wreak from that wonderful phone call. I think I cried for just about 2 days straight. Mom knew how much I loved him, but she stood firm on her Stable Job reply.

He called me everyday when he got to Maryland. The first few weeks he was doing ok, but then about week 3 his mom threw him and his Dad out of the house. I should have learned what kind of person she was at that point, but I was young and dumb. He called me 3 days later and told me he was staying with friends in Virginia. He called one of his old Military School buddies and was crashing at his Apartment. He informed me that he solved the Stable Full Time Job issue. Baby, I got a good job today!!! Really, what are you going to be doing? I joined the Air Force!!! I think my heart just sank to the floor. But I was excited for him. That was back in January 95. He was leaving the end of Febuary for Basic Training. He did tell me that his Dad and him were flying out to Colorado for his Dad to attend a business meeting in Breckinridge and wanted to stay at our house for a week. OMG!!! Hank (Step Father) will have a major shit fit!!! So I talked to Mom and about it and found out Hank will be back in Kentucky visiting his Daughters so Marshall would be able to stay. We just won't mention it to Hank.

Our visit was nice but short, I was back in school and I didn't get to see him alot. I was able to take a few days off work to spend time together. We had a very nice Valenetines Day and then the next day I took him to the Airport to fly home. I got ALOT of letters once he sarted Basic Training. I had a hard time reading them due to the flood of tears. I did get a few pictures of him he had taken at the little photo booth there on base. He just looked pitiful!!! After the 2nd week, he fineally was able to call collect. The first words out of his mouth was, " I love you baby and will you marry me!!" Of course I said yes!!! Mom was back in Kentucky with Hank during that time for a surprise party for him so I had to wait till they got back. We talked about it and she said, "Well, he will have a Stable job like I asked, and he must really love you to go and join the military to become your husband." Needless to say she agreed and that was the begining of 6 weeks of stress and headaches began. Yes, we only had 6 fun filled weeks to plan our wedding. But in the end, Mom and I pulled it off.

A old family friend of ours and his wife catered the reception for us, Mom made our cake, and we found the most wonderful lady to marry us. I wore the wedding dress my mom wore when my parents got married. I was just shocked that it fit and perfectly. I asked my soon to be mother in law if I could borrow her headpiece she wore in there wedding and she was SO excited over it. Before out big day I flew out to Maryland to meet his family for the first time. I already met his parent's, but they wanted to throw us an engagement party in New Jersey since most of the family couldn't make it out for the wedding. What a wonderful Italian party we had. I have never eattin that much good homemade italian food in my life. I was worried I would fit into my dress on my big day. Marshall's Uncle, Uncle Chubby was the president of the local VFW hall in Hoboken and was glad to host our party there. Marshall was born in Hoboken, NJ and it has a special place in his heart, so having the party there was a really nice treat for him. I set back and think about that party and realize that in just 13 years we lost alot of them. Uncle Chubby (97), Aunt Marge (06), Grandma Bradley (03) and a many others.

We had a wonderful party and wedding and 2 days later, we were on our way to Minot, ND. Our first assignment. Whynot Minot.......Boy I can tell you why not!!! We spent our 1st year of marriage there and was stationed back to Colorado at Buckley ANG Base outside of Denver. We were there for a year and a half. Then he got transfered to the Air Force Academy.

Ok, I am tired and I am going to get to bed......

To be continued.....