Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a Girl!!!!!

Ok, first off....NO I am not Pregnant but we have a new family member in our house. She is only 10 weeks old and is quite cute I might add. We went to Petco Sunday to look at the animals that were up for adoption and fell in love with her. Actually AJ the one who is afraid of any animal or bug wanted to pet her. He said, "Can we get her, so is so sweet and cute". I said I will have the final say since I will be the one taking care of her, since no one else seems to like the potty training, potty clean up, feeding responsiblity in this house. I've learned that from years past with pets. Sofar, she is healthy with the exception of have worms. She had her first vet visit Monday and she id on medicine to clear her problem right up. She is a Black Lab/Blue Heeler Mix and weights all of 10 lbs right now. The vet thinks she will be medium sized and will top around the 60 lbs mark when all said in done. Here is a few pictures.......

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