Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween....what fun...

We had a great Halloween this year. The boys had a blast with Caleb walking the neighborhood that night, but only had it 1/4 of the way then Andrew said he had to go potty, so Mom took him back to her house then met up with us a little bit later. Then after 3/4 the way around they started to fizzle out. We made it around in almost 2 hours. Man did they get ALOT of candy. I had to carry 2 bags of overflow candy so there buckets wouldn't be overly heavy. We had to finish by 8pm so we could take Caleb back to him mom so Chris could sleep some for work. AJ was death with a bloody sword, Andrew was Batman and Caleb was Iron Man!!! They looked 2 cute in there outfits. I carved there pumpkins thursday since we had a crazy week and didn't have time to get them done earlier. Which was a good thing cause they started to get very funky when I was carving them....YUCK!!

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